Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sylvia Straub Sells Hot Flash Mommas at Holiday Bazaar

Sylvia Straub gave permission for Mozark Press to share her November 21 email:

I wanted you to know that of the 20 books I ordered to sell at our church holiday bazaar, 19 have been sold. I have no doubts that the 20th will be snapped up. A member of the church bought a book prior to the bazaar and, after reading several stories (mine included), decided to take it to a reunion with her sisters. She wants each sister to read a story aloud to the others. Several people bought the books as gifts. The other box of books I ordered will be Christmas presents.

I hope sales are going well. By the way, my name, the names of the anthology and my story, and the publisher were printed in the Mystery Writers of America newsletter. I'm almost certain that alumni magazine will have a blurb about the anthology and my story. I'm going to email my sorority sisters from college and tell about my story and where they can purchase the book. They are scattered all over the country.

Sylvia Straub "Dog's Best Friend"

The Story: Maggie Boyd loves animals and will not tolerate abuse. Sylvia Straub's story, "Dog's Best Friend," details Maggie's mission to rescue animals from her neighbor, Jake. Of course, Jake is suspicious that Maggie took his dog Lucy, but the sheriff can't prove anything. When Jake replaces Lucy with Doberman-shepherds, Maggie's rescue efforts get slightly out of hand. Maggie feels a real need for a pot of Darjeeling (with five jiggers of rum) and several slices of her cranberry bread.

About the Author: Sylvia Straub turned to fiction writing following careers in academia and non-profit management. An earlier version of her novel-in-progress, Blood of the Shepherd, earned a second-place award in Shepherd University’s writing competition. “Dog’s Best Friend” was inspired by her experiences rescuing animals for a Humane Society in Indiana.


  1. Awesome idea to publicize the books! I hope Mozark Press profits greatly!

  2. Good going Sylvia! Keep up the good work. I have over half of mine sold.

  3. Fabulous! My friends are snapping it up and I posted the book under "news" for the RWA Women's Fiction chapter and it was mentioned on their site. WTG!! Love this!

  4. Mozark Press is officially in the black with A Shaker of Margaritas: Hot Flash Mommas. All the publicity from the authors helps a lot! Kathy, I keep coming across your blog posts and comments. Thanks for posting it on RWA!

    Amazon sales are going great!

  5. Thanks, June Freaking Cleaver! Congratulations, to you Elaine for your sales. I like the way you placed a couple in local bookstores. Great idea!


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