Sunday, December 26, 2010

Writing Goals for 2011

One of the writers in my writing group threw down the challenge to write a minimum of ten minutes per day in 2011.  Well, I’m extending the challenge to each of you—only hey, let’s make it 11 minutes!

I’ve already started and it’s working out pretty well so far. I forgot to ask her if we were excused for weekends and holidays. After all, one of my goals for 2011 is to lighten my load a bit so that I have a little free time to do frivolous, fun things.

The official guidelines will be posted at by the first part of January for Cougars on the Prowl. It looks like the competition will be pretty stiff for this anthology! I look forward to reading your submissions.

Wishing each of you writing success in the New Year!

Linda Fisher
Mozark Press


  1. Fabulous goal! And I say we excuse ourselves for the weekend if we write during the week. :) And I just know the competition is going to be fierce for the Cougar book - so want to enter that. :)

  2. Kathy,

    I went ahead and did my ten minutes today. I worked on the novel I started last January and then just quit on. Maybe I can make it past the first few chapters this time. :)

    Be sure to enter the Cougar book. I look forward to reading your entry.



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