Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cougar Alert! A Shaker of Margaritas: Cougars on the Prowl

I'm back from vacation and finally spent a few hours editing on Cougars on the Prowl last night. Thank you, authors, for sending in your publication agreements and edits.

I plan to post the index soon!

In the meantime, keep writing. The next project will be Mid-Life Crisis.

Linda Fisher
Mozark Press LLC


  1. Love the Cougar cover!
    Donna v.

  2. Thanks, Donna. I think it looks fabulous. Linda

  3. I'm so enjoying the Hot Flash Mommas anthology! (I bought it from Jennifer DiCamillo at an OWL meeting.) Some really good stories in there!

    Also, I hate it that I didn't know about your Cougar deadline. Great title and premise, by the way! Love this anthology idea.

    Do you have a deadline for the Mid-Life Crisis Anthology? I'll definitely follow this blog. Thanks and great job.

  4. Rosemary ShomakerJuly 29, 2011 at 8:54 AM

    So glad the Cougars collection will be available near the holidays -- I am looking forward to reading the stories. The next prompts, mid-life crisis and bad hair day, sound great. The range of styles and plots in your collections are so refreshing.


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