Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Shaker of Margaritas: A Bad Hair Day

Available Now! A Mozark Press Anthology. Twenty-four great stories. 


No-Hair Day
E. B. Davis

“I will break this door down,” the intruder said.
“Oh, shut up,” I yelled back. “We’re having a discussion.”

I Think I’ll Pass
Suzanne Lilly
“But that’s not me!” I don’t usually shout, but this situation warranted a loud outburst. “My name’s not Julia. I’m Darinda Locke. I’ve never aggravated assaulted anyone, or however you say it.”

Sunday Afternoon
Mary Laufer

“Will the ants die?”
“I guess so.” They probably won’t die at all, Sharon mused. They’ll just go deeper into the ground and come up later somewhere else, like husbands’ bad habits.

Water, Like the Camera, Adds Ten Pounds
Sioux Roslawski

She tried to pull her head out using the left-side escape route, and then the right. No luck from either direction. Several more attempts resulted in the same conclusion: My head’s stuck.

Making New Tracks
Linda O’Connell

Engrossed in a song, she sat back. As she crossed her right leg over her left, she nudged the guy standing directly in front of her. She clasped her hand over her mouth when her furry house slipper stuck to the seat of his pants like a piece of felt to a flannel board.

Mr. Perfect
Beth Carter

She tried on cowboy hats, baseball caps, Fedoras, and knitted berets. Nothing hid her hair. Not enough, anyway. The frizz stuck out in every direction. In fact, most of the hats were too small because of her big hair.

Hair to the Max
Lisa Ricard Claro

Black. The dye saturating the top third of her head was definitely black. The darkest of blacks. The pitchest of blacks. “Dear God,” she whispered.

Michelle Tom

Ned’s away from the window now but not coming out of the house. I would steal his car. If he had one. My gaze wanders to the shed, and I resign myself to what I must do next.

Linda Fisher

The crossing guard backed slowly into the street without looking right or left. He held the sign like a shield. He was apparently petrified by the green-faced woman.

Four Little Words
Mary Ann Corrigan

“Hi there. I’d like to buy a mattress, but only if the sales clerks stay away from my husband. He’s the one walking around with no shoes on. He’s off his meds. I should warn you that your Madness Sale matches his mental state.”

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  1. Oh my gosh, these are all fabulous!! I can't wait to buy this book. It SO makes me wish I could write fiction! :)


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