Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Story Behind the Story: A Man Called Rabbit

Have you ever wondered where an author gets his or her idea for a story? The stories in  Apparitions: Twisted Tales and Yarns by Jimmy L. Capps and Linda Capps Fisher are based on family yarns of strange happenings, dreams, nightmares, personal experiences, or imagination.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to share the stories behind the stories in Apparitions. ~ Linda

“A Man Called Rabbit” by Linda Capps Fisher

Rabbit kicked the door open and pointed the gun at the men sitting at the table. “This is a stick up. 

Take off your shoes and britches. Lay face down on the floor.” Rabbit mimicked John Wayne to disguise his voice and lend authority to his words.

Their slowness irritated him, so he prodded them with threats. “I don’t want to kill nobody, but I will if I haff to. You!” he yelled at a young man with fiery red hair, “Put the money in this gunny sack.”

Rabbit barked more orders, and the boy gathered up pants and shoes tossing them off the porch and into the ravine below.


The idea for the fiction story, “A Man Called Rabbit,” began with memories of a friendly neighborhood poker game.

We lived in the Ozarks, twenty miles from nowhere. Neighbors were sparse and miles apart by way of dirt, potholed roads. There wasn’t much to do for entertainment, so the men gathered occasionally for a game of poker.

It certainly never occurred to anyone at the game that somebody would have the audacity to burst in and rob them. In the first place, guns were commonplace and everyone knew how to use them. The place was hard to find down unmarked country road and only a limited number of people even knew about the games. No one who lived in the hills had much money, and it certainly wasn’t a high stake game.

To think that a robbery could happen so close to home made an impression on my young mind. Unlike in my fictional story, the robbery was reported, but the crime was never solved. Who knows, it may have been the man called Rabbit.

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