Thursday, November 6, 2014

That Mysterious Woman: "Trial Run" by Mary Ellen Martin

Authors are reviewing their stories published in That Mysterious Woman. Some of them read all the stories in the book.

Mary Ellen Martin had this to say: "I really, REALLY enjoyed reading this book. I believe this is the best one yet, and I am extremely proud to be part of this project, and humbled to be included with so many incredible and accomplished authors. You and your team should be proud, as well. Thanks so much for your hard work!"

Mary Ellen Martin’s story “Trial Run” explores retail stores’ battles against shoplifters. Sometimes shoplifters are so clever they defy catching. Repeat offenders especially frustrate security teams.

Jeanine, new at her security job, is determined to catch the illusive Dawn Larson. Surveillance tapes show her taking makeup, but when Jeanine and her boss, Matt, stop her, she doesn’t have any stolen merchandise on her. To learn the clever plan Jeanine uses to attempt to catch the defiant and illusive thief read “Trial Run” in That Mysterious Woman.

An excerpt from “Trial Run”:

See?” the girl said. “I told you I didn’t take nothin’. Can I go now? And who’s your boss, by the way? You’re gonna lose your job, fat ass.” She smiled smugly. “This is the last time you see me. At least until you ask me if I want fries with my meal.”

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