Thursday, November 20, 2014

That Mysterious Woman: “Rearview Mirror” by Sharon Woods Hopkins

Sharon Woods Hopkins, author of Rearview Mirror said:  
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cover and so proud to have a story included with so many great authors in this brand new anthology from Mozark Press.

Dusty Shaunessy loved her classic car and didn’t trust just any mechanic to take care of her treasured 1965 Mustang. She thought Hector Fernandez of Best Mechanic Garage would be honest and not try to take advantage of her like other mechanics had. Dusty was pleased with Hector’s work on her car until he mentioned he had replaced her broken mirror. She knew the mirror wasn’t damaged, and wondered why Hector was lying to her.

She asks him to just remove the new review mirror and put the old one back in. The handsome Hector insists she keep it and try the buttons.  Is the rearview mirror magically dangerous? How will Dusty handle the power of the mirror?

Excerpt from “Rearview Mirror”:

Hector leaned in through the passenger door window and caressed the new mirror. “There is no charge, Señora. I do this for you. You are a special lady with a special car. The mirror, I already have. Look at it. It is beautiful, no?”

It was indeed, a fine, new mirror, same size as the old one. In fact, it looked identical. No, wait. Not identical. There were buttons along the bottom. “Yes, Hector, it is beautiful.”

“Like you, señora.” His dark eyes flashed.

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