Friday, November 7, 2014

That Mysterious Woman: "Remember Me?" by Georgia Ruth

Twenty-seven fiction stories are included in That Mysterious Woman. Here's some words from author Georgia Ruth.

Georgia Ruth said: “I am very impressed with your selection of stories. I think this will be a great holiday gift for many readers. Thank you for inviting me to be part of it.

Georgia’s story “Remember Me?” reminds us all of the angst we feel at that all important class reunion. We want to impress our fellow classmates with our successes, but what if in our quest for youthful looks we had a devastating plastic surgery experience? What if the doctor was a former classmate? What if instead of fixing the problem, he ignored the calls and was perpetually unavailable? This happens to Shelley in “Remember Me?” With her stress weight gain and a ruined face she is unrecognizable to even her closest friends.

To find out how she uses this anonymity to her advantage read “Remember Me?” in That Mysterious Woman.

An excerpt from “Remember Me?”:

The lights were low, but I saw the name Alice Elizabeth Tripp. I couldn’t remember her. Probably nobody else did either.

I hid in a corner of the bar with my new persona, sipping my whiskey, a watcher out of bounds. I used to be the one creating the action. Classmates emulated me, eavesdropped on my conversations. No more of that. Inside my packaging, I was now invisible.

“Have you seen Jordan? She looks so different, almost svelte.” My old cheerleader friends cackled in a nearby clutch, smiles perky, pom poms sagging in their halter tops.

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