Wednesday, November 26, 2014

That Mysterious Woman -- Great cover and entertaining stories

My long awaited copies of That Mysterious Woman arrived today. I must say the cover is stunning and the stories are entertaining. It was my pleasure to edit these stories.

Some of the stories have a paranormal flare—“An Aura of Death” by Carolyn Mulford, “The Disappointment of Heaven” by David Aycock, “Trompe L’Oeil” by Steven Clark, and “Rearview Mirror” by Sharon Woods Hopkins.

Humor is evident in several of the stories including—“The Damn Diva” by Kari Wainwright and “Bob, Old One Eye, and the Pirate Queen” by Cathy C. Hall.

Daughters solve mysteries in “Sins of the Daughter” by Donna Volkenannt, “Wishing for Ignorance” by E. B. Davis, “The Photograph,” by Susan E. Thomas, and “At Storm’s End” by Harriette Sackler.

Husbands and wives vie for the upper hand in “Trophy Wife,” by Frank Watson, “Sauna” by KM Rockwood, and “Deception at Mallard Cove,” by Linda Fisher.

Retribution always has a place in mysteries, and revenge is sweet in “Remember Me?” by Georgia Ruth, “Triumvirate” by Suzanne Lilly, “The Hot Buns of Fate,” by Jennifer Jank, “The Butterfly Dress,” by J.D. Frost, and “Moving On” by Paula Gail Benson.

Watch as clues sprinkle the investigative path as amateur detectives analyze information in “Bess Harding, Mystery Queen” by Karen Mocker Dabson, “Pickled” by Edith Maxwell, “Dictation of Death” by Lisa Ricard Claro, and “Yolanda Karp Finds Her Inner Sleuth,” by Martha Rosenthal.

Stories fraught with twists and turns include “The Zookeepers,” by Eileen Dunbaugh, “Trial Run” by Mary Ellen Martin, “Cups” by Mitch Hale, “If Not for the Dog” by Rosemary Shomaker, and “All Dressed Up” by Caroline Dohack & Jodie Jackson, Jr.

Each author brings a particular talent to his or her story in the anthology. That Mysterious Woman is a great read!

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